HLSC 3750 – Contemporary Issues in Mental Health

B.Sc. Psychology, Hons. – 2024

My Location

I have been a resident of Lethbridge, Alberta, since 2015, and I still reside here today. I am originally from Maple Creek, SK, but have lived in several places in Alberta and Manitoba, as well as two years in Leeds, North Yorkshire.

Other things of note about my location? I have one roommate. Her name is Cleocatra. And yes, she lives up to her namesake.


Why This Course?

While this course does help me complete the final year of my degree (B.Sc. Psychology), this course will provide me with an examination of mental health and mental health services from a health sciences perspective.

My area of focus for the last decade has been the issues and challenges Alzheimer’s patients and autistic individuals face during transition periods. And up until this point, my education has examined this area primarily from a patient and psychological perspective. A health sciences approach will assist me in rounding out my education and seeing these issues “from the other side.”

What I Hope to Get From This Course

  • Alternative perspectives on mental health topics that I think I know
  • A wider look at the mental healthcare system and its design
  • To connect with others who have similar curiosities and interests that I can learn from
  • A broader look at segments and approaches within the mental healthcare system

Learning Strategies for This Course

I work full-time, have work-related travel, and care for aging parents, so I have a full schedule. Time is a precious commodity, and I tend to work as efficiently as possible. This means:

  • Work ahead where I can to avoid work-heavy weeks while travelling.
  • Break up course time into smaller chunks that can be more easily distributed throughout a busy travel week.
  • I take meticulous notes and connect them to other ideas or resources for improved encoding and learning. Sometimes, this means relying on speech-to-text to read them back to me.
  • I am very detail-oriented and an interdisciplinarian. I need to know all the little parts, how they tie in with other things, and how they relate to the more significant concepts.

More About Me

  • I’m 43.
  • Completing a B.Sc. Psychology in cognitive psychology, with a neuroscience minor.
  • Honour’s thesis is on using colour and music as mnemonic devices for task completion.
  • I have worked as a professional musician, cake decorator, cabinet maker, baker, fast-food, and retail.
  • Started a marketing-related business in 2004.
  • Currently a Content Marketing Manager and data scientist for a U.S. industry news publication.

When I’m not working or going to school, I enjoy flying dragons and geocaching.