Consumers, Management & the Psychology of Design

Design Thinking: Going Beyond Basic Consumer Behaviour – Step 3 – Behaviour

Posted on February 25, 2017

Behaviour. The big one. Everything from the initial idea for a product, to the final sale, depends on the behaviour of designers, consumers, management, marketers, and service professionals. And if the behaviours of these stakeholders isn’t considered from the initial planning stages, the resulting design flaws can easily sink a product. I feel this is so important to good design that I’ve divided it into three sections: the sale, hardware, and software. (Image Source) The Psychology of Buyers Purchases fallRead More

How attitude affects behaviour and design

Design Thinking: Going Beyond Basic Consumer Behaviour – Step 1 – Attitude

Posted on February 23, 2017

Attitude is one of the biggest drivers of behaviour that designers can tap into. And, there are two attitude types that control behaviour: Implicit and explicit. Implicit Attitudes Implicit attitudes are the automatic, subconscious attitudes we have towards something. They can influence choices and actions without us even being aware of them. Laurie A. Rudman (2004) believed these hidden attitudes are the result of four factors: Early experiences – If you nearly drowned in a pool as a child, you’reRead More

Design Thinking: Going Beyond Basic Consumer Behaviour

Posted on February 23, 2017

Usability, user experience, design thinking, emotional design… The realm of user-centered design has exploded in the last decade with the advancement of technology. However, designers and marketers often see the connection between the user and development of the end product as a linear process that stops at the purchase. The result is a bad design created with good intentions. Truly good design incorporates behaviour and cognition, from start to finish, in a cyclical fashion. The Downside of Bad Design BadRead More

Design Thinking: Going Beyond Basic Consumer Behaviour – Step 2 – Strength

Posted on February 23, 2017

User experience and usability experts often talk about eliminating cognitive load to improve conversions, product adoption, and usability. I don’t think this is it at all. I’d argue what makes a true user experience and usability professional is the ability to understand when to illicit strong cognitive, affective, and behavioural responses, in just the right way, to make a product one we buy, use, and love. After all, the entire process is about behaviour and the interaction between products andRead More

Fear of Autonomous Cars

Fear and Self-Driving Cars: Why Are We Afraid of Autonomous Vehicles?

Posted on February 8, 2017

We cannot deny the technology behind autonomous vehicles (also referred to as AVs or self-driving cars) is something many of us have only dreamed of, so why are some people afraid of them? Granted, some people will buy one simply because they love having the latest and greatest technology, but what is it about these vehicles that may prevent widespread adoption? In truth, there may be several reasons for this. Fear of Change Pulling up next to a self-driving carRead More