Fear of Autonomous Cars

Fear and Self-Driving Cars: Why Are We Afraid of Autonomous Vehicles?

Posted on February 8, 2017

We cannot deny the technology behind autonomous vehicles (also referred to as AVs or self-driving cars) is something many of us have only dreamed of, so why are some people afraid of them? Granted, some people will buy one simply because they love having the latest and greatest technology, but what is it about these vehicles that may prevent widespread adoption? In truth, there may be several reasons for this. Fear of Change Pulling up next to a self-driving carRead More

Lethbridge City Transit Failure

Lethbridge City Transit – The Great Little Public Transit System That Isn’t Great

Posted on January 3, 2017

In the Lethbridge Herald article published on December 31, 2016, University of Lethbridge’s President Mike Mahon mentioned parking issues and communication problems, but he failed to talk about transit. Considering their record on transit, it’s no surprise. When Students are in Need, ULeth & City of Lethbridge Do Nothing In September, I purchased a bus pass. Unfortunately, other students weren’t so lucky. Many are single parents who can’t afford additional transit costs or the time transit requires. Some were forcedRead More

University of Lethbridge incompetency continues

University of Lethbridge Isn’t Doing Students Any Favours

Posted on January 2, 2017

Originally posted on Facebook September 13, 2016, I wanted to publish this here to provide context for upcoming posts. The stadium parking from administration was a Halloween kiss (you know, the ones everyone buys, but no one likes) handed to us as if we were spoiled kids. At the end of the Lethbridge Herald article published September 12, 2016, Ms Walker stated “The whole issue, too, is do we really have a mandate to provide 100 per cent parking forRead More

ULeth: Fix your Crap

Dear University of Lethbridge: You Dun Goofed Up

Posted on January 2, 2017

Originally posted on Facebook 09/08/2016. Felt it was important to post here for context. To the University of Lethbridge Administration and the City of Lethbridge It is that time again. New students roam blindly around the city, the hunt for textbooks is on, and the push for students to spend money has begun. Unfortunately, the parking nightmare has also begun. At the time of writing this, Lots E, M and N have 956, 656, and 665 students respectively waiting forRead More

U of L Communication

Communication: The University of Lethbridge Problem No One Wants to Talk About

Posted on January 2, 2017

In the Dec 31, 2016 Lethbridge Herald article, President Mike Mahon of the University of Lethbridge didn’t just bring up parking. He also revealed that the U of L has a communication problem. “The parking issue also highlighted a need for more work on communication within the university…” Actually, that isn’t the problem. The University of Lethbridge’s communication problem is simple. They don’t have any communication. You can’t work on something you don’t have. (Communication Definition) Communication Versus Broadcasting AtRead More